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Cannot Invoke a Non-Delegate Type: Only VB Programmers Will Understand This!

tl;dr: C# uses square braces [], not parentheses, for indexes. Using the wrong one will throw this error.

Short and sweet today: I was working with a client who has recently moved from Visual Basic to C#. While implementing an SHA hash, was getting an error message he didn’t expect when running his program, he was getting the following message:

Cannot invoke a non-delegate type

Here’s a simplified version of the code:

dynamic sha1 = System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1.Create();
dynamic inputBytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(value);
dynamic hash = sha1.ComputeHash(inputBytes);

dynamic sb = new StringBuilder();
for (int i = 0; i <= hash.Length - 1; i++)
return sb.ToString();

hash(i).ToString(“X2”) was throwing the error. Googling didn’t shed much light on the issue, since it’s such a general message, and the IDE wasn’t showing any errors. So what was the issue?

When the C# compiler sees () at the end of a call, it assumes that it’s a function call (a.k.a. a delegate). For this reason, C# uses square braces [] to indicate an index. My client, coming from Visual Basic, had used parentheses instead. The IDE didn’t see any syntactical issues with them, but the compiler did. Changing the line to:


resolved this issue completely. And now you know the rest of the story. For more on delegates, read check out this post.

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